MIICO is a network based NGO that work with smallholder farmers mainly who are delivering their income from agricultural farming and livestock keeping. Our main approach to working with smallholder farmers will be empowerment through capacity building, action learning, partnership and alliance building and policy engagement.

MIICO work under four core mission objectives. The core mission objectives are:-

  • Facilitate smallholder farmers to engage into profitable farming so as to increase their income
  • Supporting sustainable Agriculture to bring about resilience in smallhoder agriculture
  • Agricultural policy engagement and advocacy to influence policies and practices
  • Securing land rights especially to women smallholder farmer


Story by Miico Journalist.

Miico has continued conducting gender based meetings in deferent places, through a project which is called women empowerment- WEP in a meeting which was healed at Nyeregete Village which brought together men and women, both agreed that gender should be practiced.

First it was men who started responding to a question on how they see WEP project, most of the men who attended the meeting agreed that gender is good and its needs to be practiced among the community, some said since gender issue came to their village it has brought happiness in the family, man went further saying now man are able to take children’s to clinic and do house hold work without considering their male ship.

Women in their turn expressed happiness saying the WEP project has helped them since their husbands are able to help take children’s to clinic.

It was also noted at the meeting that man and women are in front working together in farms, but when it comes to worthy women are put aside, man agreed that that it is true that they are dominating the worthy that they get though the farming work even if the work was done in a corporation, “We man we have to change the attitude of underrating women they are doing a great job in our communities, it’s time to start practicing gender” said Steven Makindo who is a village head Nyeregete.

Mr Steven Kiponda on the side of man concluded by saying gender is good but the only problem is the way women approaches their husbands , members who were invited at the gender advocacy meeting were open to share the problems that arrases on the issue of gender.

On their side women agreed that their approach to their husband was not good, women sounded in a sober mind that men has been in for front discouraging them, it was also noted that some cultural believes is one of a factor that makes gender to backslide.

Speaking on behalf of MIICO Catherine who is responsible for the Women Empowerment project said since the project was launched they has been a great move, families have lent to do thinks together, some families have improved their leaving standard it is our hope that this will continue, said Catharine.

The main focus of the meeting was to found resolution on the land dispute which encode between four villages namely Itamboleo, Mbalino, Matebete and Kapunga, the dispute was based on Usambeco Ranch.Some of Mbalino residence were court by MIICO camera as they were heading to a Neighborhood Meeting which was organized by MIICO together with Itamboleo farmers forum which was healed at Matebete Village, the meeting was also comprised by ward and village leaders.

The main focus of the meeting was to found resolution on the land dispute which encode between four villages namely Itamboleo, Mbalino, Matebete and Kapunga, the dispute was based on Usambeco Ranch.

Kyela District Commissioner Ms Thea Mtara trying to raid bicycle when MIICO denoted some bicycles to community volunteers in the district, Mtara said MIICO programs manly of that Women Empowerment has rely helped women in driving them to agricultural puppet, so far people have hard a trend of out looking women that they are there to do house meat work , she further said women are the one who take more time in doing agricultural activities, finally she recommended MIICO for the visionary program that has made women now be known to the public that they can do it.

As one way of cementing lands law ,good governance and environmental care MIICO organised a training for the Farmers Forum Members from the following ward Itamboleo, Ihahi and Imalilosongwe from Mbarali District, the training was healed at the head offices of MIICO Organisation, this was in 2014.

Some of the members who court up with MIICO reporter at the training said they will implement what ever they have learnt, Faraja Kyando who is the Secretary General from Itamboleo Farmers Forum said " I was in a dark with land laws ,good governance and environmental care but now with this knowledge that I have been impacted I will be able to advice people on how they can use and care the land''.

As one way of educating the community on good use of land MIICO embarked on a village to village land camping program,according to MIICO Director Mr Adam said before MiICO came land wrangles were every where, am glad to say that we have done our best and now in the arias that we are working people have understood as the vest important of taking care of the land. ...... more is coming on that story............................................


/data/images/b471a0d8b81984d01505c2077e68a0ef-SAM_1450.JPGIn most causes women in the community have been underrated that they can not develop, Miico organisation has eliminated the trend by coming up with a project that aimed to empower women in the community by providing them with the knowledge and equipment on agricultural activities.

Speaking on behalf of Sumbawanga District Commissioner Executive Director of the district Mr Adam Nisana upheld MIICO for the support it lenders to smallholder farmers, Mr Nisana said this when he was handing over the bicycles to the community volunteers provided by Miico.

''The government always has been asking private sector and noon governmental organisations to take part in promoting the living standard to people and make sure that women are taking part in all sector, am very happy and pleased with the work Miico you are doing in our district , this is what the government needs'' said Mr Nisana.


/data/images/0b3162e33e854cdf3415ecd03ec9c94e-SAM_1062.JPGSome Community Volunteers getting instruction on how a power tiller works this photo was taken during the trade fair that was healed at NANE NANE grounds.


Volunteers at NANE NANE grounds getting knowledge on how a planter works.